July 19th, 12h00 (GMT-5)

Conversation: Palanda and the origin of cocoa


This event aims to update professionals and students from the branches of archeology, agronomy and tourism on the origin, domestication and uses of cocoa in pre-Columbian times through a discussion with prestigious national and international archaeologists.



August 23th, 20h30 (GMT-5)

Experiences: An evening at the museum Urban tales and legends


This experience aims to relive the ghostly stories of old Guayaquil and is aimed at Guayaquil families, where participants can share their own paranormal experiences in the city.



September 20th, 10h00 (GMT-5)

Congress: Pre-Columbian transoceanic voyages


This congress will present the pre-Columbian maritime routes that were used to do trade between the aboriginal peoples before the Spanish arrived and thus disseminate all the cultural elements that we share throughout Latin America.



October 1st, 12h00 (GMT-5)

Talk: The meeting between the Valdivia and Mayo Chinchipe cultures


An event to immerse yourself in the pre-Columbian world of two cultures that coexisted in the same period, but in two different ecosystems they exchanged products and culture.



November 5th, 20h30 (GMT-5)

Exhibitions: Indigenous Women


As strong as rock and as flexible as bamboo, women are an example of strength in all cultures, however, little is known about indigenous women in the city, their traditions, their songs, their customs are a fascinating world that we all must know.



December 11th, 20h30 (GMT-5)

Forum: Ancestral Cocoa Drinks


Grain, bark and leaves, everything is usable in cacao. An event to learn ancestral recipes to relive as a family.